Would you like more website visitors from Google?

Would you like Google to send more potential customers to your website? If more clicks from Google sounds like it might help your marketing, we have a suggestion…

As a search engine, Google does only one thing: Google answers questions. A searcher asks something like “assistive technology” then Google ranks the pages it thinks have the best answers.

That means you need to convince Google that you’re the best answer to your potential customers’ questions. To make your website content a good answer for Google and the human readers it sends you, you need to apply a combination of easily-learned skills. These skills include understanding:

  1. What Google cares about (which is all “search engine optimisation” or “SEO” means)
  2. How to find the exact questions your clients are asking Google. (Only when you know the exact questions, can you shape your content as the best answers.)
  3. How to turn this information into content that Google and your customers will thank you for

These are all skills you can get through the SEO content marketing course run by our training partner Taleist. The course is taught by Steven Lewis, who has been writing websites since 1994. Steven will show you what you need to know to get your website climbing Google. And the higher you go, the more potential customers you get to your website without having to spend anything on advertising.

We have negotiated a member discount for you. This four week online course is usually $1,500, but for you the course is just $250 including GST, a saving of $250. Simply use coupon code ATSA2021 at check out.

https://taleist.agency/courses/seo-atsa/  Next course starts Wednesday 13 October. You can read more about the course and claim your spot here.

Any questions please contact melanie.robertson@atsa.org.au

Melanie RobertsonWould you like more website visitors from Google?