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Best New Product Finalists

Droplet® Intelligent Hydration System 

See it at TabTimer Reminders in Brisbane and Sydney.

Droplet® helps those who need additional support, reminders, or encouragement, to stay hydrated.
Let Droplet® remind your clients to drink.

The Droplet Intelligent Hydration System reduces the risk of dehydration by encouraging clients to drink, significantly reducing the risk of dehydration and related infections and illnesses.

The sophisticated Electronic Smart Base plays friendly pre-set or personalised voice messages and friendly reminder lights, which helps maintain healthy hydration levels. Droplet is completely adaptable to individual needs, the Electronic Smart Base fits onto the Droplet Mug or Tumbler and the Flow Control Lid can be added if additional support is required.

As a client ages, becomes ill, develops cognitive or memory impairment, or in colder months their body’s natural thirst response diminishes, and they can forget to drink. If you’re caring for a client, friend, relative or loved one, it’s not easy to make sure they’re drinking enough, especially when you can’t be there all the time. The Droplet® memory aid provides independent drinking from a familiar mug or tumbler, with the additional support and reassurance of a familiar voice message which reminds your client or loved one to drink.

Droplet helps those who need additional support to stay hydrated, such as the elderly or those suffering from Dementia, memory impairment, cognitive impairment, poor kidney health, or the effects of a stroke. Droplet was developed to aid users in staying healthy, hydrated and happy and is widely used in hospitals, care homes and at home. As a hydration aid for elderly users, Droplet can be a essential tool for helping family members and loved ones keep up their fluid intake.

Zygo Back Supports

See it at Medifab stand in Brisbane and Sydney.

Enabling freedom without compromising posture and comfort, Zygo is a back support with inbuilt laterals designed for full-time self-propelling wheelchair users.

Active wheelchair users don’t want to be held back – they want the freedom to go places and do amazing things.

Zygo back support systems are lightweight, easily adjustable, easy to install and remove, more breathable and more personalised. Zygo back support systems give you more comfort, flexibility, personalisation, and freedom to move – enabling you to go places, achieve more, and be whoever you want to be.

The back support is an integral wheelchair component for appropriate seating position and trunk support. It plays an important role in increasing comfort and function for wheelchair users. Sitting over extended periods of time can cause discomfort and accelerate the development of spinal deformities. Manual wheelchairs are usually supplied with sling-style back supports which do not provide appropriate postural support, nor adequate pressure relief, for some full-time wheelchair users. Rigid back supports are recommended for improved postural support and comfort.

When it comes to finding the right size and style, the Zygo fits to the user not just to the chair! User-focused scripting by user size, not wheelchair width, ensures a tailored fit to the torso. A comprehensive range of size and style combinations is available from two shell contours (Active & Deep) and varying shell heights (Lo & Mid).

The invertible shell design (on mid-height back supports) provides easy adjustment of the lateral height to achieve optimum trunk stability, enable a precisely tailored fit, and accommodate postural and growth requirements.

Zygo users experience true freedom with unrestricted arm movement and scapula clearance. The Zygo provides superior comfort and flexibility which is achieved through the breathable padding design and ventilated shell that reduces the contact surface area around the user. The curved shape of the lower region of the back support is designed to provide firm, targeted support to the pelvis, while giving clearance to the soft regions of the hips and buttocks to encourage a neutral posture and comfortable sitting position.

Aucuro Dynamic Shower Holder

When you shower with a conventional fixed shower head in a seated position, you lose your ability to move in and out of the flow and holding up a hand-held shower head for long periods can be tiring.


Aucuro’s Dynamic Shower Holder is a dedicated Patent Pending design, that provides handsfree full body showering in a seated position. It works by moving a hand-held shower head via a telescopic arm, allowing you to pivot or extend the shower head wherever you need it, providing a relaxing showering experience.

Handsfree sit down showering – Hand-held shower heads are great, however they force you to wash yourself one handed making the process unpleasant, ineffective and slow. Lathering up out of the water stream gives you more time to wash yourself – With Aucuro’s Dynamic Shower Holder simply re-position the flow by pivoting or extending the telescopic holder, where you need it, when you need it
Compliance – AS EN 12182:2015 – Assistive products for persons with disability – General requirements and test methods

Veigel E-Classic Hand Control

The Veigel eClassic is the latest innovation in vehicle Hand Controls

It is a floor mounted hand control that does not require any permanent modifications to the vehicle and does not require any removal or disconnection of airbags in the vehicle.

This product re-imagines of the standard radial hand control design. Users who do not have the ability to engage the traditional driver pedals now have the option to control the acceleration and braking of their vehicle with the seamless implementation of this hand lever.

Its ergonomic and stylish hand sits comfortably in the user’s hand and redefines what it means to use ‘hand controls’, the electronic acceleration the device offers is unlike anything currently on the market and the shape of the handle allows for fatigue-free driving. Its sleek and attractive design allows for more leg room and fits perfectly to the vehicle’s interior.

We have received feedback from clients that the eClassic has revolutionized their lives, they were previously unable to travel, unable to visit family and friends and unable to participate in the community in general. Now, not only do they look stylish while doing it, but they can join the wider community in all the activities they enjoy.

We are often approached by community members who are desperate to be able to drive their own vehicles and get back on the roads, however they feel limited by the options of traditional hand control solutions available to them and how this effects them from a physical point of view, but also they are old clunky and industrial looking, this provides class leading functionality and ergonomics along with a beautiful design.

Locking Wrist Strap for SOS &
GPS Tracking Wristwatch

See the Locking Wrist Strap in action at the Guardian Safety Pendants stand – Brisbane – Stand 92 and  Sydney  – Stand 68

People with dementia as well as children with autism may have a tendency to wander from family, carers or secure locations.  Even with an SOS device or tracker with geofencing, what’s to stop a person either unwittingly or intentionally removing such a device and walking away? 

If an individual’s personal safety is at risk while on their own, then one practical solution would be to attach something to the person that cannot be removed except by someone responsible for holding the unlocking device.

For the dignity of the person with the attached item, the attachment should appear to be normal (i.e., anyone might wear it), and useful for the wearer.  What better item than a working wristwatch capable of providing the user’s GPS location, and even speaking to the watch wearer without that person having to press any buttons.


RoboFit offers access to the latest in Neuro controlled exoskeletons for clients with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. Including but not limited to:

Spinal Cord Injury; Brain Injury; Stroke; Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s Disease; Post joint reconstruction rehabilitation; Falls prevention devices for Elders

A range of devices combined with therapy allows for exercise physiologists to personalise training for clients as well as the opportunity for these devices to be adapted into clinics to be used as a tool.

Unlike other exoskeletons that move for the wearer, these devices work with the wearer, reading bio-electric signals being sent from the brain to help perform movements.


Swiss-Trac is the ultimate off-road power assist system for manual wheelchairs.

Its technology doesn’t rely on WiFi or Bluetooth. The base of the system is made from cast iron. Rocks, tree roots, small animals, etc can’t hurt it. It is like one of these new cadets with it’s envoirnment as it’s drill sergant. Throw it over a rock and it just goes: “Thank you sir! May I have another SIR!”  It is virtually bomb proof.

It is also very torquey. I have tested it myself (120kg heavy) on a 14 degree paved slope and it will pull me up no problem. Even from a standing start halfway down the hill. No other out front power assist can do this.

Now, Swiss Trac is not new on the global market, but it is new to Australia. Having said that; Wild West Wheelchairs has already been approached by some Swiss-Trac users who had privately imported their Swiss-Tracs years ago. Why did they contact Wild West? Just to tell us how much the loved their Swiss-Tracs.

Alber DuoDrive

DuoDrive is a new product that allows the Alber E-Motion to be used with greater comfort and convenience. The primary drive function of E-Motion is a push-by-push power assist action, where the force a user exerts on a push rim is proportionally amplified by the powered wheel. DuoDrive adds the ability to “cruise”. When engaged using DuoDrive, the wheels now provide constant propulsion with the ability to adjust and control speed, including braking. Importantly, the push rim sensors (programmable) can feel the light touch of a user to create assisted turning and braking.

Constant propulsion power add on is already available in the market with products like the Alber SMOOV and Permobil Smart Drive, but these products require an active user with the strength and hand function to manually steer and brake without assistance. DuoDrive provides this same desirable driving experience to users who require turning and braking assistance, and this product does not suffer from the traction and speed adjustment pitfalls of the previously mentioned products.

Besides the ability to easily change between push-by-push power assist and “cruise” constant propulsion drive modes, DuoDrive also provides a more convenient way to change between indoor or outdoor drive settings, or engage standby or power on, which is especially important for users with limited hand function.

DuoDrive introduction

TiPY One-Handed Keyboard

TiPY is the evolution of the keyboard. With the new key concept of the one handed keyboard and integrated mouse function, you can use all programs and tables, use keyboard shortcuts, type letters, texts and use all the advantages of your computer and a complete word processor.

TiPY offers you two keyboards on one device. The new key concept is supported by the hand pad that is changeable and rotatable.

Each TiPY one handed keyboard can be operated with the left and the right hand.

TiPY is a handy one hand keyboard, smaller than an A4 page with the dimensions 170mm x 270mm x 21mm. It is light and can easily be taken anywhere. It has a USB-C port for the 1 meter long USB cable.

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