Membership Categories


Mail Subscriber

Mail Subscriber Membership is open to any individual or business who wishes to register with ATSA to receive publicly circulated information. An individual or business is eligible to become a Mail Subscriber member by registering on the ATSA website to receive publications and notices, it does not require approval by the ATSA board. They do not have any access to member services or voting rights.

Full Member

Full Member have the right to receive notice of, attend and vote at General Meetings. Full Membership is only available to AT businesses. AT industry groups are eligible to become full members of ATSA by application and on approval by the ATSA Board.

Full Members are entitled to 1 vote at an AGM or Special Resolution per membership fee and must notify ATSA of their appointed delegate prior to AGM or SGM. The full membership also includes access to Information library, circulated information and data sets. Password access via the website.

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