ATSA Code of Conduct

Gift Policy and Statement of Ethics



Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia (ATSA) and its members are committed to the highest

standard of product quality and business integrity in their dealings with customers, allied health practitioners (AHPs) and other stakeholders. ATSA, its members and employees are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standard of honesty, fairness and personal integrity.


Gifts and Hospitality Policy – Guidelines:


ATSA members and their employees will not offer, promise or provide a gift, favour, hospitality and or entertainment for the purpose of obtaining favourable treatment from customers including AT funders and AHPs.


Gifts and hospitality may be provided in certain circumstances as long as the gift or benefit is not intended to obtain favourable treatment and does not create the appearance of a payment, inducement or create the perception of a conflict of interest.

Any gifts or benefits provided in these circumstances are permissible provided they also conform with the following guidelines:

  • The total value of the gift or benefit, including hospitality is no more than $100 per year;
  • The disclosure of the gift or benefit would not compromise the business or the beneficiary of the gift/benefit and would not be of concern to ATSA;
  • The gift/benefit is reasonable and appropriate and consistent with ATSA’s industry Code
  • of Practice.


For further information contact:

David Sinclair

Executive Officer, ATSA

PH: 61 (0)418 861 847

Melanie RobertsonGift Policy and Statement of Ethics