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Computer and Electronic Devices

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Address: Work Club, Level 6 201 Kent Street, Sydney
State: NSW
Short Description:

Clever Care for Independent Living

Contact email address: Enquiries@abibird.com.au
Website Address: https://abibird.com.au/
Contact Phone Number : 1300 13 21 21
Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Address: 5 Ruse Street
State: WA
Short Description:

Quality products for elderly, disabled, injured and recovering people & their carers

Contact email address: sales@pelicanmanufacturing.com.au
Contact Phone Number : 1800641577
TabTimer Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 7395
State: NSW
Short Description:

Supplier of reminder devices and prompts

Contact email address: info@tabtimer.com.au
Contact Phone Number : 1300822846
Tunstall Healthcare
Address: 1/56 Lavarack Ave
State: QLD
Short Description:

Tunstall Healthcare is a market leading provider of connected healthcare solutions. Our unique solutions protect people’s wellbeing and empower them to live their lives to the full.

Contact email address: info@tunstallhealthcare.com.au
Contact Phone Number : 1800603377
Getting zyTEQ READY
Address: Suite 302, 120 Bay Street, Port Melbourne Victoria
State: VIC
Short Description:

Zyteq services most of Australia with remote options, to help people of all ages with disabilities to access computer technology for communication, leisure, work, education and to do what everyone else does on a mobile device.

Contact email address: support@zyteq.com.au
Website Address: http://www.zyteq.com.au
Contact Phone Number : 03 9696 2944
Donna StackZyteq