Comfort Discovered, Assistive Technology Specialists, FreedomAids

Shop 1 and 2,
73 Jersey Street North, Hornsby
Short Description

AT Specialists, providing solutions for Independence, Dignity and Mobility

Business hours
Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 5:00pm, Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm,or by prior appointment, Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays,
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Registered as an NDIS service provider
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1300 662 880
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Long Description

About Us
Comfort Discovered, the Assistive Technology Specialists, is serving the community since 1984 with a wide range of solutions with the sole aim of enhancing the independence, dignity and mobility of its customers. We are passionate about what we do. With the skill and experience gained over the decades with hands-on engagement with our customers we are able to deliver a very highly customer focused outcome. The core of our business is customer satisfaction and that is the sole purpose of this business.
Our mission is to enhance the independence and to empower people to live their lives with dignity, mobility and independence. We are driven by our core values of Empathy, Compassion and Care. We have a team who shares this mission and values and our customers are very quick to realise this difference.

We have a spacious showroom that displays hundreds of innovative solutions. We are centrally located in the heart of Hornsby shire, with exclusive under cover, street level customer parking, with easy access to the showroom and wheel chair accessible toilet. There is ample opportunity for trial of equipment both indoor and out door. There is assessment room for a therapist to engage with its clients.

Our Customers:
You are the reason we are here. If you are looking for an Assistive Technology Provider and if you are connected to any of the following groups, we should be your first port of call:
NDIS Participant
Dept of Vet Affairs
My Aged Care
Rehabilitation, Aged Care or Nursing Home
Occupational or Physio Therapist
Insurance Claim Specialist
Please give us a call or get in touch and experience the difference.

Our Suppliers:
We cannot do what we do without you. If you are an importer or manufacturer or distributor of an assistive technology solution and is looking for a business who is truly committed to spreading the good news of a new product or solution, you must get in touch with us immediately. If you have a good product or solution, and if you have been in Australian market for some time and if we have not heard about you or your products, this is a great opportunity for your sales and marketing team to get in touch with us.

Education and Training:
We conduct regular informative seminar for the benefit of our customers. Our Live Life Better: Seminar for seniors is a free event attended by our very loyal customers to educate themselves on what is happening in this industry. The meetings are currently suspended due to the pandemic.
We also run several focused training seminars and webinars for the therapists through which they are able to obtain free CPD points while keeping up-to-date with what is happening in this fast-paced industry.

Business Segments
Assistive Technology, Business to Business, Clinical Assessment, Distrubutors, DVA, Equipment Distribution, Equipment Maintenance, Equipment Servicing, Hospital & Nursing Home, Medical Devices, NDIS, Private, Rental/Hire, Repairs, Retail, Showroom, Supplier, Training and Education, Wholesale
Comfort DiscoveredComfort Discovered, Assistive Technology Specialists, FreedomAids