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Aidacare Pty Ltd
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Aidacare is one of Australia’s largest Healthcare Equipment and Service providers.

Since 1987, our business has been assisting Australians in the Hospital; Residential Aged-Care; Home & Community Care; and Rehabilitation sectors.

Aida is the Latin word for “helper” from which the English word “Aid” is derived. AIDA is also a sales acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action describing a simple four-step process for serving our customers.

Our focus on product quality and ongoing services & support has made Aidacare & Aspire trusted brands throughout Australia. That’s why you’ll find us on most Government Healthcare Equipment Contracts and in Supply Agreements with many Private Sector Healthcare organisations.

Aidacare’s vision is to be Australia’s leading Healthcare Distributor in our chosen areas of focus providing unparalleled customer service and product excellence as a path to optimal healthcare equipment solutions for our customers

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