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Suite 302, 120 Bay Street,
Port Melbourne, Victoria
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Zyteq services most of Australia with remote options, to help people of all ages with disabilities to access computer technology for communication, leisure, work, education and to do what everyone else does on a mobile device.

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03 9696 2944
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We help people with disability to connect by working together to choose the right technology. We assist with our zyTEQ READY program which provides a pathway to finding the required features for an individual, then the right device/s, supporting a trial of the options and then helping to select the best device for the individual.

We use a clinical model and employ clinicians to ensure money is not wasted on an inappropriate device. We supply a range of specialised technology and once supplied can assist with training and implementation.

We are here to provide repairs and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. We can assist with alternative access to the computer including eye gaze, gyroscopic mouse, head tracking, joysticks, trackballs, switches and voice control. Communication devices includes keyboard text-to-speech devices and tablet devices with specialised software. Accessible tablets and also environment control and home automation, all from your device. We are also Talking Mats Australia which is an evidence-based low tech tool for better conversations.

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