Age Prepcare

17-19 Star Crescent
Hallam, VIC. 3803
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03 9702 3544
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Age Prepcare is an Melbourne based family business specializes in manufacturing high quality Aged Care designs engineered for comfort offering an extensive range of standard designs as well as custom made to suit your every need.

Age Prepcare is an Australian-owned company dedicated to selling premium quality all designed and manufactured locally.

Age Prepcare recognises the importance of aesthetics whilst retaining the specialised requirements of Aged Care and Healthcare furniture supply. Our recommendations take into account the need of maintaining dignity, ambiance, functionality and above all optimum comfort.

Attention to detail of seat height, lumbar support, arm height, seat width and depth and other various factors are fundamental to Age Prepcare on all seating. We understand that residents require a ‘home away from home’ and in order to achieve this it is paramount that comfort & design provide that perfect balance of familiarity & functionality.

Extra care is taken with the design of our furniture to eliminate any skin tear or form of restraint and to ensure stability and resilience to any form of moisture, heat and soiling.

With years of experience in the industry, and to give you the greatest range of style and choice available, we spend considerable time researching our market to make sure our products are always competitively priced.

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