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Oscar Building
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Horsham, VIC
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Oscar Building is a modular building manufacturer supplying fixed and relocatable buildings, specialising in accessible SDA compliant, and tourism structures.

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Oscar Building specialises in modular construction, building our products in our Horsham, Victoria factory, before distributing them for their final onsite installation, anywhere from outback Australia to the heart of the city. Through the modular process, working in a controlled factory setting until the final installation, we are able to evade environmental barriers in production and work though processes with efficiency. We are continually developing and putting in place the best and most efficient systems for production. We supply fixed and relocatable buildings for both domestic and commercial clients throughout Australia as well as offering a range of services to the traditional construction sector and related industries.

We strive to deliver projects in new and innovative ways, engaging with our clients to find customised ways to best facilitate their needs. We know the value of collaboration, and work with numerous professionals in the industry, along with our clients, to ensure that every avenue can be explored to give our valued customers a product that fits all their needs.

Oscar Building are specialists in SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) compliant structures, and are passionate about creating accessible housing and spaces, to ensure inclusion for all people, in personal or commercial use. There is an overwhelming scarcity in the availability of accessible housing for short- and long-term use in Australia, with a high demand in the market for not only functional, but sleek and stylish design.

In recent years we have made great strides in this area with the development of a rapid interim housing system, helping to get people with acquired injuries out of hospital and aged care facilities sooner. We see a huge future at Oscar Building in putting out works that are accessible and homely, with intuitive design and technology so that clients can do away with clinical accommodation that has for too long been the only option.

The tourism industry is another area we are heavily invested in for our future; creating eco-friendly, and environmentally integrated tourism options. Our modular constructions allow us to create eco-tourism structures for the most remote and spectacular spaces in Australia. With robust and low-maintenance designs, we are creating comfort and luxury among nature, and giving more people access to spectacular places, without being an eye sore dropped without thought or care.

Additionally, there is a large gap in accessible and inclusive tourism that Oscar Building see as a huge area of growth in moving forward; creating structures that are universally accessible and welcoming designs.

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