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Total Ability provide high quality, market leading driving aids & accessibility products. Our range includes electronic accelerators, mechanical brake levers, power assisted braking & steering, swivel seat bases, transfer platforms, scooter hoists and ramps.

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Our objective is to make driving an enjoyable and anxiety-free experience, to reduce fatigue behind the wheel and improve driver competency and safety.

Our wide range of driving aids ensures the needs of all drivers can be paired with an appropriate product, maximising driver safety and competency. The range includes electronic accelerators and brake levers, easily detachable left foot accelerators, and a high level range of equipment options including voice command and mini-wheel steering.
Acceleration is now performed electronically and provides safe and responsive acceleration. Greater driver competency is demonstrated, particularly with the satellite accelerator offering the ultimate driving experience.

As well as our range of hand controls for cars and vans, Total Ability also has a range of access solutions for transferring to and from a vehicle, wheelchair hoists and wheelchair ramps for vans.

Transfer solutions include the Transfer Platform and Swivel Seat Bases making getting in and out of the vehicle safe and easy.
The range of hoists from SMDM offer a solution for lifting and stowing a scooter or power wheelchair into a van or car. From the simple and versatile SG35 and SG50 units to the fully automated SG120 and SG180 for those heavy power chairs and scooters.
The Fadiel Italiana Movia Ramps use advanced technology to produce light weight aluminium ramps with distinctive features others on the market cannot display.

We work with a number of installers to ensure these products are available throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Total Ability have also introduced two high level assessment vehicles, VW Transporters fitted with the latest driving controls from Fadiel Italiana that are interchangeable. The vehicles have been developed for use by driving instructors and occupational therapists to assess clients’ capabilities and equipment needs. To accommodate ‘drive from wheelchair’ the driver seat is removable to allow for a power wheelchair to locate in the driver position. The vehicles provide an example of the various driving solutions. It also provides a valuable assessment tool for those wanting to know how it feels to drive from a power wheelchair with docking station.

Contact Total Ability for a list of driving instructors working with the vehicles and for demonstrations and schedule of availability in each state.

We are more than happy to come up with a unique solution to ensure your driving and mobility needs. Contact us on 1300 858 410 today, you might be surprised at what is possible!

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