Registered trading name: AbiBird
Address: Work Club, Level 6 201 Kent Street, Sydney
Postcode: 2000
Short Description:

Clever Care for Independent Living

Email address for general or customer enquiries: Enquiries@abibird.com.au
Business website URL: https://abibird.com.au/
Contact Phone Number : 1300 13 21 21
Brands: AbiBird
Long Description:

Clever Care for when you're not there.
Imagine your home-alone parent falling over and being unable to call for help – or simply not getting out of bed in the morning.
An AbiBird sensor placed in their home will automatically send an alert to your smartphone if it detects that something is out of the ordinary.
Even if you’re in another city, looking at the AbiBird app on your smartphone reassures you in real-time that all appears to be well – but alerts you on your mobile if something’s not quite right.

Business Segments: Assistive Technology, Business to Business, Consumer, Medical Devices, Subscription Service
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