ATSA Code of Conduct

Commissions & Rebates on AT Transactions to a Third Party



Assistive Technology Suppliers Australasia (ATSA) and its members are committed to the highest standard of product quality and business integrity in their dealings with customers, allied health practitioners (AHPs) and other stakeholders. ATSA, its members and employees are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standard of honesty, fairness and personal integrity.


Sales Commissions & Rebates – Guidelines:


AT suppliers, AHPs and funding package managers (Including but not limited to; Age Care providers, NDIS and third party service providers) should be open and transparent when entering into commission or rebate arrangements for the sale or supply of goods and services.


ATSA members are not to enter into commission and rebate arrangements with a third party that are not known to the consumer, as they could breach state/territory laws and deemed to be ‘corrupt’ behaviour.


These laws prohibit a person from ‘corruptly’ giving inducements to a third party for giving advice to a consumer that encourages them to enter into a contract with the person who gave the inducement.


A potential consumer must be made aware, in advance, of any arrangements for commissions or rebates in place between AT suppliers, AHPs and funding managers.


At all times care must be taken to avoid any conflict of interest and to ensure that all parties work in the best interests of the consumer.


For further information contact:

David Sinclair

Executive Officer, ATSA

PH: 61 (0)418 861 847

Melanie RobertsonCommissions & Rebates on AT Transactions to a Third Party