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Melbourne Level 4 Restrictions

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The increased restrictions under the Stage 4 – Stay at home Directions have been introduced to reduce the spread of COVID19 by limiting the number of people leaving their home and moving around the Victorian community.

ATSA can confirm that the manufacture, general supply and support of AT is appropriately covered in “permitted activities” within Melbourne’s Stage 4 restrictions and it includes modifying vehicles to enable people with disability to travel safely.

While these activities are permitted, it’s also important that consideration is given to whether on-site activities can be delivered remotely (as far as possible) and whether the on-site activity is essential for the health, safety or wellbeing of people with disability.

Please also note that the Permitted Worker Scheme is now in place, which means that workplaces in Melbourne must be closed unless:

  • the workplace is a part of a permitted activity, or
  • all employees are working from home.

Employers that require their staff to attend a worksite must issue a worker permit to their employees. Further information, including a ‘Permitted worker permit’ downloadable form is available here.

This is conditional on the understanding that each business has in place a COVID Safe Plan as per the Directions of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. Learn more here.

Our industry plays a very important part in supporting people with disability and our services have been recognised by government. We need to ensure that our actions support the government's intent to restrict the spread of the COVID-19 virus. ATSA encourages our members to conduct only necessary activity currently and to comply with health and safety directives for the benefit of our community.

Details of Stage 4 Restrictions for Melbourne - please refer to the Statement from the Premier on restrictions for business for the full details. Click here to learn more.

For formal documents relating to the Health Act and Stage 4 restrictions, click here.

Alexandria EvansMelbourne Level 4 Restrictions

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