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Importers – Offer of Assistance in Freight Services

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ATSA has been in discussions with both the NDIS and Department of Socials Services (DSS) on the concerns that our industry has been having with international freight covering cost and access to timely deliveries.

The Dept of Industry is taking the lead and is coordinating through Austrade, and particularly through the IFAM work to find practical solutions for the import of goods to Australia, please refer here for details.

ATSA has been assured that AT remains on the priority list (particularly for hospital discharge) for government.

The NDIA, DSS and Austrade wish to engage the AT industry to explore options for AT importers/distributors on the ‘new reality’ of how freight is being managed worldwide that may include briefing/workshops with AT Industry. They have indicated there are several effective ways to get good outcomes, but it may require rethinking historic models.

 If you have any questions on this, please let David Sinclair know via email.

Alexandria EvansImporters – Offer of Assistance in Freight Services

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