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Latest News and Developments for AT Suppliers

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Membership survey pending

The Board is currently reviewing ATSA’s membership structure (in place since 2000) to ensure that our membership model is suitable for the industry it serves. To assist in this activity, we will be sending out a survey to facilitate the gathering of required data to inform that decision-making process. To ensure that your key employees receive this and other imminent developments, please remind staff to add  to their address book.

Use of Restraints

An important reminder to members that the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is increasing its’ focus on reportable incidents relating to the use of restraints. If you are an NDIS provider, you are automatically obligated to report every instance of an unauthorised restrictive practice you have become aware of. Please refer to the NDIS Commission for more details. It is recommended that before you supply a device that could be considered as a restraint, you should ask to view the “behaviour support plan” for the participant that has been developed by an approved NDIS behaviour support practitioner.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NQSC) inquiry

There is an active Inquiry by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission with submissions closing on Friday, 31 July 2020. Please forward any comments or concerns that you wish ATSA to raise with the Inquiry no later than 20th of July to allow for us to include your concerns within ATSA’s submission.

Importers – offer of assistance in freight services

ATSA has been in discussions with both the NDIS and Department of Socials Services (DSS) on the concerns that our industry has been having with international freight covering cost and access to timely deliveries. The Dept of Industry is taking the lead and is coordinating through Austrade, and particularly through the IFAM work to find practical solutions for the import of goods to Australia, please refer here for details.
ATSA has been assured that AT remains on the priority list (particularly for hospital discharge) for the government.
The NDIA, DSS and Austrade wish to engage the AT industry to explore options for AT importers/distributors on the ‘new reality’ of how freight is being managed worldwide that may include briefing/workshops with AT Industry. They have indicated there are several effective ways to get good outcomes, but it may require rethinking historic models.
If you have any questions on this, please let David Sinclair know.

Vacancy – ATSA representative to the ME 067 Committee Standards Australia

The ME 067 Committee is the Standards Australia working group for AT. If you are interested in representing the industry in the development of Australian standards around AT, please contact David Sinclair for details.

Training Webinars coming soon

ATSA has partnered with ADIA (Australian Dental Industry Association) to provide business skills training.  We will be contacting you shortly with more information about this series of training webinars. Access will be offered as a free service to ATSA members.

NDIA releases new AT and Consumables Code Guide

The revised NDIA Assistive Technology and Consumables Code Guide is now available. Please note that there are changes to rentals and ramp codes along with some other amendments. If you do not use the new codes, this may negatively impact on your NDIA claims. Learn more about the new codes here.

The NDIA has introduced a new team to assist with AT issues

From June 2020, the NDIA has introduced localised support in their claims and processing offices to aid in identifying issues in the processing of AT claims. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the NDIA in that regard that you believe requires investigation, please let David Sinclair know.

Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant for NSW Businesses

The NSW Government is providing grants for NSW-based business to aid recovery for businesses impacted by the Corona-19 pandemic. Details can be found here.

AustRoads announcement on MMDs

AustRoads has announced that they will no longer pursue the adoption of the Technical Specification 3695.3.2018. for MMDs. This is a significant outcome as it removes the proposed directive to differentiate between general transport vs footpath access for MMDs (White and Blue labeling proposition).

The final report can be downloaded here.

Please note that the National Transport Commission is still working on new road rules for MMDs.  ATSA will advise you of the final outcome as soon as it becomes available.

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