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ATSA Appoints Senior Policy Officer

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Anthony Pooley

ATSA is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony (Tony) Pooley to the position of Senior Policy Officer reporting to EO, David Sinclair. Tony joined ATSA on May 1st and brings with him extensive experience in policy development and has over 20 years experience in the disability sector, including the last 5 ½ years with National Disability Services (NDS).

ATSA has a rich history in policy development and has generated dozens of submissions over the years, including undertaking research to represent our industry’s perspectives on a range of important topics.  This is core business for ATSA and has been instrumental in the building of our organisation’s influence and reputation.

With the growing demands for ATSA to be both  pro-active and responsive to the needs and interests of its membership, this appointment was viewed by the Board as essential for the ongoing strength of the organisation.

Tony joins David and Kerry Stern, Membership Officer on the ATSA team. Please welcome Tony to this new and important role.

ATSA Board

Alexandria EvansATSA Appoints Senior Policy Officer

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