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Financial Support for AT Businesses

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NDIA Additional 10% Payment on Invoices

There has been some confusion with the recent announcement of the NDIA additional 10% payment on invoices

The NDIA will pay a 10% COVID-19 loading which will be added to price limits for certain supports for up to six months:

  • Assistance with Daily Life (excluding Supported Independent Living) and Assistance with Social and Community Participation)
  • Improved Daily Living

The 10% is not applicable to capital purchases, such as AT.

“The 10 percent loading fee has been established specifically for additional costs for aspects such as cleaning and PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, this does not include capital supports (assistive technology). The advanced payment also excludes capital items and plan management claims.” NDIA March 2020

Advice for NDIS Providers on COVID 19 Assistance Packages

There have been several assistance packages announced by the NDIA.  The most reliable information for all stakeholders is on the NDIS website.

This web page is regularly updated and is designed to answer common questions that have been raised.

Open access to NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS QSC) Notices and updates now available for not registered providers.

The NDIS QSC now have a general subscription option, allowing anyone to sign-up and receive these updates via email. The subscription button can be found on NDIS QSC website, on the bottom of the Provider Newsletter page.

Small Business Guidance About Refunds and Cancellations

Businesses will need to be aware of their rights and obligations when managing refunds and cancellations because of COVID-19, and the ACCC has issued guidance to assist small businesses to understand their rights and obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

“We know a lot of small businesses are facing a very challenging time, but they still want to do the right thing by their customers,” ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh said.

Insurers Offer Deferred Payments

Insurers to offer deferred payments, refunds under small business relief package. Insurance companies and brokers will be able to work together to implement COVID-19 relief measures for certain small businesses following the ACCC’s granting of interim authorisation today.

The authorisation applies to Suncorp, Allianz, and QBE Insurance, as well as any other insurers or insurance brokers who choose to take part, as long as they notify the ACCC. Read more here.

The Government’s New JobKeeper Payment

FOR EMPLOYERS: If you’re an employer, you will need to register for the JobKeeper payment here.
Both EMPLOYEES & EMPLOYERS can find more info here

The Australian Taxation Office will be given a level of discretion to address each business’s set of circumstances, so do not assume that your turnover position may deem you as ineligible. It is recommended that you do not just look at any turnover reduction but, include trials and scripts to identify your forecasted position.

ATSA highly recommends that all businesses consider registering for this Government initiative.

The finer detail of this initiative is being developed and legislation prepared, which ATSA understands issues such as “pipeline” disruption to revenue will be considered.

Alexandria EvansFinancial Support for AT Businesses

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